Groupon was the poster boy of internet before Pinterest came into the picture to occupy the place of latest-web-sensation. The two don’t cross path in anywhere, for the prior deals in deals-of-the-day concept while latter on posting visual descriptions of ‘things’ one adores. Here, we will focus on the good and bad of the prior only. Groupon is still big, even though going through a hard financial time after the IPO mishap. The common perception is that everyone (read Groupon, customers and merchants) gains in the super-marketing concept. But there are baddies too and here, the veil will be lifted on the same.

Merchants’ Hue and Cry

Merchants are not the ultimate scorers if one digs deep into the phenomena of Groupon. Customers do avail the coupon discounts but usually limit their purchases to that deal only. In such scenario, merchant is the one at overall loss, for not only he has to part with extra share of profits but also work hard to meet the increased demand.

Biting More Than One Can Chew

A lady named Rachel Brown recently experienced the same by putting a discount deal of cupcakes (her business) on Groupon. The flood of orders left her to make 102,000 while she usually made 100 in a month! And at the end of it, she was the one who lost money by procuring more staff and distribution assistance.

Premium Businesses Not Interested

The deals people really want to have never reach Groupon as those merchants don’t wish to part with their profits and dilute their brand value.

So, does this mean such a great idea turns out to be bitter gourd in the end?

Well, not actually.

Groupon and LivingSocial are not the only players in the market any longer. There are various Groupon clone websites that have studied the business model to do away with the negatives. Such websites are popping up all over the globe to cater to the clients not content with the services on offer by the two giants.

Clone of Groupon simply refers to a website which is based on the same idea but with a little twist. The twist could be based on product or service on offering or any other feature associated with it. Though the news of Groupon taking over such platforms is heard too often, some of them are making a mark due of their brilliant platforms and user friendly appeal.

The surge in the number of entrepreneurs interested in the idea of deals-of-the-day has given rise to a parallel industry of Groupon clone software. Market is choking with web designing firms ready to sell the script of their brain child clone. So, there is little possibility of the idea waning away too soon.

Any guesses on what makes a clone click?

Well, they is compatibility, payment gateway security, multiple account views, social media sharing, IT apps, administrator control, easy navigation and many others points. Therefore, it is not easy to come up with a clone script that is appealing as well as powered with important features. However, there are some daily deal software firms that are really good at it (a number of them from South Asia).

Hence, conclusion is that whether good or bad, Groupon software (clone or not) is here to stay longer than anyone could imagine.

About Content Owner: I am Sandeep Thakur from Mohali and working with FATbit Technologies from 2010. FATbit Technologies, a Web Design Company, is the owner of this digital work of words. It has been active in the field of web designing, e-marketing, reputation and SEO since 2004. It has also developed clone script for living social deals for its clientele scattered all over the world.